Accounting services


Accounting and financial services:

  • Thorough and precise information for the current accounting condition;
  • Monthly monitoring of the financial result;

  • Accounting year-end procedures, preparation of annual tax-return declaration and accounting reports and submission of those to the NRA and NSI;
  • Tax protection and representation in front of NRD upon revisions in accordance to CITL, the Law on VAT, the Law on VAT for private entities, cross checks, checks by the Labour Inspectorate, etc;
  • Representation in front of banks and financial institutions;

More information about the services provided:

  • Issuance of invoices, following the dynamics of the Bulgarian, the English, the German, the Italian and the Spanish languages;
  • Current filing of incoming and outgoing documents;

  • Preparation and online timely filing of reference declarations and diaries as per the Law on VAT;
  • Preparation of INTRASTAT and VIES declaration and submission of those to NRA;
  • Preparations of declarations and a report for BNB in relation to the statistics of the balance of payments and the external debt;
  • Preparations of references for the obligations and the company takings;
  • Preparation and maintenance of inventory books, of a taxation and accounting amortization schedule.
    Online storage of an Archive;
  • Representation in front of NRA, NSSI, NSI, Commercial Register, etc.
    Preparation of reports as per requirements of the client;
  • Preparation of financial reports in Bulgarian, English, German, Italian and Spanish languages;

Personnel, Labour and Salary;

  • The provided by us payroll services are combined together with the management of the operational accounting of our customers.
  • The data processing of the personnel of our clients is organized in compliance with all of the current requirements and under the requirements of the LL; the SS Code and the EU Law.
  • Each of our clients is provided with an officer in charge of their employees.

More information about the services provided:

  • Preparation of contracts for employment of the personnel, as well as annexes and orders for termination;

  • Preparation of civil contracts and accounts for amounts paid;
  • Preparation and storage of official files of the employed in an electronic format;

  • Preparation and submission of notifications as per art.62 from the Labour Code;
    Preparation of payroll inventories, inventories for staff expenditure, relation to the budget and payslips;
  • Submission of declarations as per example 1 and 6, online;
  • Preparation of retirement documents;
  • Keeping of employment record books;
  • Preparation of official notes, certificates for the employees’ income;

  • Processing of documents for temporary work disability, pregnancy and giving birth and submission of those to NSSI;
    Representation of the companies in front of NRA upon revisions in regards to CSS, IL and RBS;
  • Preparation of internal documents: Business trips orders, Internal Code of Conduct, Internal Rules for Employee Salary;
    Processing of work schedules;
  • Intermediation in relation to occupational health;
  • Consultations in relation to hiring;
  • Sending of an encrypted mail to an employee containing a payslip
  • All the new requirements, imposed as per Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – GDPR will be implemented as well.

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