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Office choice – An opportunity for every small and middle sized business to build a recognizable vision. To ensure the security of its correspondence. To protect their legal and business interests.
In your virtual office there is always a representative of yours who could contact your clients and communicate with representatives of the state, the municipal and the court administration.
The virtual offices are suitable for businesses of all kinds. The mobility is more than a necessity, it is a way of work. Time is a luxury that we cannot neglect. Today, you can let yourself have time, to be everywhere and at the same time there will be your virtual office – working for you.
Your office expenses are kept to a minimum, while at the same time you are enjoying higher effectiveness, security and time – time that you can dedicate and invest in your business.
The virtual offices offer you: Prestigious business address for correspondence in the central part of the city of Sofia, which could be used for your business cards, company documents, leaflets of website.
Registered Office/Headquarters
Local fixed telephone number and a fax.
Answering, missing or redirection of a phone call, a fax message, etc in accordance to explicit instructions of yours (the services is provided in Bulgarian or English language).
Address for correspondence and communication with state, municipal and court authorities and administration within the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
A telephone secretary, who answers your phone in outside working hours and redirects your calls to your phone or e-mail at the beginning of the next working day.
A company e-mail for the receipt, the collection and the resending of the correspondence.
Receipt, storage and/or redirection of the correspondence received in accordance with parameters and instructions set in advance.
Ability for welcoming representatives of the state, the municipal and the court administration, NRA, NSSI, SCC, RA. Receipt and signature of summons and documents upon the explicit authorization and in accordance with your requirements.
By organizing your virtual office, you optimize your office expenses. You save time and energy and you have the chance to concentrate on the important aspects of your business.
The maintenance and the management of your informational flow, the complex processing of your correspondence via mail, telephone, fax or e-mail guarantee you that not even one of your clients would be delayed or missed. The real presence of a representative of yours at the address of your office would ensure you the highly needed cooperation with the communication with the state, the municipal and the court administration.

There is a series of administrative tasks that our employees could handle. They will organize not only your general administration, accounting and invoicing, but also the creation of your company website.
They can also prepare the business presentation of your company. We also offer preparation and translation of reports. All your administrative needs will be taken into account, so that we could offer you a personal solution in accordance to them.

Why outsourcing?

It saves time.We understand how precious your time is. Focus on the important things and entrust us with the daily administration.
It provides flexibility: Give yourself the freedom to manage your time on your own and ensure a faster growth pace of your company.

Access to resources: Use the knowledge, the skills and the experience of qualified specialists at an affordable price.
Financial advantages: Entrust us with your administrative tasks for a way lower remuneration. Reduce your expenses and focus on the major tasks of your business.

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