Legal Service


Types of legal protection that we provide:

•Civil-law matters legal consultations;
• Legal representation and protection during enforcement proceedings ;
• Legal assistance for debt recovery and intercession upon conclusion of non-judicial agreement;
• Legal representation and legal defence in front of all court instances, quasi-judicial bodies and court of arbitration within civil law proceedings – in the field of the commercial law, the obligation law, the bank law, the insurance law, the labour law, the property law, the family and the law of succession.
• Highly specialized in European Union Law.

Services in the area of the different fields of the law:

• Company and Commercial Law
• Bank law and finance
• Real Estate and Construction
•Tax Law
•Public Procurement
• Competition Law
• Administrative Law
• Business Transfer to Bulgaria
• Provision of a business address
• Administrative Services
• Accounting Services
• Licenses in the areas of the “Fight against money laundering” and “Personal Data Protection” .

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